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Residential Services

Many home owners may encounter environmental concerns prior to purchasing a house, during a remodel of a kitchen or lavatory facility, or a simple heating upgrade. Environmental concerns may range from mold or asbestos to lead-based paint, just to name a few. These concerns are very prominent in older homes.

Commercial Services

From high-rise buildings, hotels, apartment units, hospitals and malls, Cherry Inc. excels at fast, efficient means and methods to complete projects.

Industrial Services

With new concerns reaching around the globe for cleaner and more efficient means of producing energy for municipalities and private organizations, Cherry Inc. prides itself on our past knowledge of industrial projects performed.

This includes decommissioning, dismantlement and demolition of power plants, mining facilities and infrastructures process or energy sites. These areas normally have multiple contaminated areas with numerous environmental disposal waste stream issues that need to be addressed during an environmental remediation process.

These team-effort type of projects can be very tedious and time consuming for the owners representative.
Cherry Inc. can cut down these efforts not only in time, but in allowing a safer and efficient process throughout the project.

Demolition Services

Our services include entire building, partial or surgical demolition, site clearing and soil remediation. With a fleet of heavy equipment ranging from large excavator to small skid steers machinery, Cherry Inc. can perform the task. All employees are cross-trained and experienced in multiple task equipment operation.

While most environmental remediation companies just perform the cleanup of environmental tasked based work.

Cherry Inc. provide a turnkey operation in relation to environmental remediation and demolition services, thus creating a more economical and efficient project. These turnkey services accelerate the project schedule.

Fire and/or Flood Response Services

Fire or flood response and remediation can be very discouraging when it happens to you. The items associated with these disasters can range from contaminated building debris, contaminated interior contents, interior wall/structual damage, to soil contamination and adjacent property damage and contamination.

From residential fire and flood response and remediation to commercial and industrial entire cleanup projects. Cherry Inc. personnel have completed numerous projects from complete building environmental site remediation to residential flood cuts.

We are here to get you back into your home or allow your business to be re-opened with minimal downtime.

Cherry Inc. utilizes the most economical technology to assure the safest project, thus passing the savings on to you, the customer.