Asbestos is a fire-resistant mineral that was used in the past by Denver construction companies as a building material for commercial properties. Asbestos’s use came to a halt in 1989 after a ban by the Environmental Protection Agency, but its existence didn’t stop there. Many older businesses in Denver likely still encompass it and may require asbestos removal or some sort of abatement procedure done. Cherry Inc. has been proud to offer commercial asbestos abatement services to the Denver area for over 25 years and can remove asbestos from any surface in any commercial building so that employees and patrons are not at risk.

Avoiding Health Hazards in Denver with Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was banned in 1989 after research found its particles have serious negative impacts on the health of those who inhale it. Many places in Denver need commercial asbestos abatement because they were built before the ban date and have the material in various parts of the structure. A Denver property that does undergo commercial asbestos removal risks having toxic asbestos fibers become airborne as the surface that contains it degrades. If the affected surface does not receive an asbestos abatement, the little particles released can enter the respiratory system, build up in the lungs, and lead to a bevy of health concerns. Places that wait too long to have an asbestos abatement performed see clients and staff have chest pains and go on to develop certain cancers or asbestosis. Business owners in Denver can make sure they are not exposing the public to asbestos by hiring abatement professionals to handle asbestos removal at their property.

When is Denver Commercial Asbestos Abatement Necessary?

The fine print for commercial asbestos removals is that not every surface that contains it requires asbestos abatement. Asbetsos abatement can be performed on all kids of sufaces in a Denver business constructed prior the 1989 EPA ban, and the material can be prevalent almost everywhere. Places that may need asbestos removal include pipes, roofing, flooring, siding, appliances, insulation, outlets, fuses, paint, air ducts, and many more. Commercial asbestos abatement is only needed in Denver when a surface is deteriorating, and emitting trigger levels of asbestos (numbers outlined by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that mean a building needs abatement).

Places in Denver That May Need Commercial Asbestos Removal

  • Industrial Plants
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Government complexes
  • Churches
  • Clubs and civic centers

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The crew here at Cherry Inc. in Denver will be sure to provide quality and timely work in getting any environmental issues handled so life can go back to normal. There is no project too small or too large for our remediation services. We serve the Denver Metro and surrounding areas with restoration, abatement, remediation and more. Contact us today, and we’ll inspect your situation and provide an appropriate solution for your situation.