Many commercial buildings in Denver are a few decades old, and therefore probably contain lead paint on some of their surfaces. Lead paint was declared unsafe in the 70s, so some of these properties are likely in need of commercial lead paint removal services. There are a number of lead paint abatement methods that experts can use to remove lead paint hazards and restore safety to a Denver workplace. Cherry Inc. is a quality abatement company that has more than 25 years of experience in the lead paint removal industry and can assist your Denver company with any commercial lead paint removal needs.

Lead Paint Removal for a Hazard-Free Workplace in Denver

Some companies in Denver may be unknowingly exposing their employees and clients to a major health hazard: lead poisoning. If a structure that was built before the 1978 ban on lead paint, there is a high probability there is lead paint on the interior or exterior walls that may be toxic and require lead paint removal. Abatement procedures are necessary for Denver if any surface with lead-based paint is deteriorating because that means paint particles are being emitted into the air and inhaled by workers and patrons. If people inhale a high concentration of lead because a Denver business owner delayed taking care of the commercial lead paint removal project, they can experience adverse health problems for which the company can be held liable. Significant levels of lead in the body can cause headaches, high blood pressure, and stomach pain and even lead to vomiting and seizures. If you want to avoid this liability for your company in Denver, make sure to seek out commercial lead paint removal services as soon as a hazard is discovered.

Our Methods for Denver Lead Paint Removal and Abatement

  • Encapsulation– Our most basic approach to commercial lead paint removal in Denver is to cover it up with a durable sealant, essentially trapping in the dangerous particles.
  • Enclosure– A relatively simple way to remove lead paint risks, this technique involves putting up a sheet of drywall over the zone, blocking it in.
  • Removal– For surfaces with more toxic levels of lacquer, our Denver staff will sand, brush, and strip surfaces to remove the lead paint from it.
  • Replacement – When none of the above abatement techniques work, we remove and replace the affected surface with a new, safe, lead-free material.

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The crew here at Cherry Inc. in Denver will be sure to provide quality and timely work in getting any environmental issues handled so life can go back to normal. There is no project too small or too large for our remediation services. We serve the Denver Metro and surrounding areas with restoration, abatement, remediation and more. Contact us today, and we’ll inspect your situation and provide an appropriate solution for your situation.