Lead paint was the go-to lacquer for residences throughout much of the 20th century, so many homes in Denver have the walls or exterior coated with it. However, lead paint was later found to be harmful to health and subsequently banned for use by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, meaning some older homes in Denver may be in need of residential lead paint removal. Residential lead paint abatement involves hazardous exposure to toxins, and such should be handled by a licensed abatement professional like those on staff at Cheery Inc., a residential lead paint removal company in Denver.

When Lead Paint Removal is Necessary in Denver

Just because you have an old home in Denver that likely contains lead paint does not automatically mean it is poisoning you or needs residential lead paint abatement immediately. Lead-based paint is of no danger to residents in Denver until the surface it coats starts to degrade. When a wall succumbs to wear and tear, tiny little particles of lead paint are removed from it and released into the home’s atmosphere, which residents and visitors then inhale. Most people in Denver can handle trace amounts of airborne lead, but in high concentrations, it can lead to a headache, fatigue, and nausea and harm the nervous, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems. It’s essential to hire a Denver company for residential lead paint abatement as soon as a coated surface starts to look rundown, as that’s when these risks become viable.

Our Residential Lead Paint Abatement Techniques for Denver Homes

  • Encapsulation– This is the quickest and easiest residential lead paint removal method because it entails removing the hazard by simply covering the area. Our Denver lead paint abatement specialists go over the lead paint with a new, safe lacquer, trapping in the toxic fibers.
  • Enclosure– This lead paint abatement technique is another way to mask the issue. Cherry Inc. can remove the lead paint risk by enclosing the surface with sheets of drywall so its particles can’t escape into the air.
  • Removal– Some surfaces at Denver residences have such toxic levels that lead paint abatement must involve more than a simple cover-up and requires lead paint removal. In these cases, our residential lead paint removal specialists will physically strip the paint from the surface with brushing and sanding tools.
  • Replacement – When none of the above methods for residential lead paint abatement work, we will just remove and replace the surface with a new, safe, lead-free material.

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