Like asbestos, another product that was favored for home construction in the past but is now banned for use in Fort Collins and beyond is lead-based paint. Research in the late 1900s discovered the negative consequences of lead particles when inhaled, and soon after the Consumer Product Safety Commission placed a ban on the use of lead paint in homes. This means that Fort Collins homes built before 1978 most likely contain lead-based paint and may need an environmental solutions company like Cherry Inc.

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Fort Collins Home

The risk of lead poisoning is not in the paint itself, but the tiny airborne particles formed by its slow deterioration. A Fort Collins home with lead painted surfaces that are in good condition most likely poses no threat to its occupants. But paint that is beginning to crack or peel releases bits of lead dust into the air Fort Collins residents breathe, and if you inhale enough of it, it can result in serious health problems. Symptoms of lead poisoning include headaches, nausea, and fatigue and it can cause damage to nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Lead is especially toxic to children and pregnant women in Fort Collins who can pass the effects onto their fetus. These risks are why the removal of the lead paint is recommended Fort Collins homes with a high concentration of lead particles in the air.

Lead Paint Removal Options in Fort Collins

Encapsulation – A simple and cheap way to mitigate the effects of lead paint in your Fort Collins building is just to cover it up. Our technicians go over the paint with a clear coating product that seals in the toxic particles. While a quick and effective remedy, it won’t last forever; encapsulation products also wear over time and will expose the lead paint again, at which time you may need a full lead paint removal.
Enclosure – This is a fairly easy way to keep Fort Collins residents safe from lead paint. It involves putting up drywall to cover the area, essentially hiding it sort of “out of sight out of mind.”
Removal – For a Fort Collins structure with lead-based paint that is not able to be safely remediated, we will do a total removal of the lead paint. This is a rigorous process of sanding, brushing, and stripping to remove the lead paint from your walls so that you can repaint with a safe lacquer. Call today for comprehensive lead paint services!

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Fort Collins’ Cherry Inc.

Discovering that your Fort Collins home is coated with something that could poison you and your family is not only unsettling, it’s also upsetting regarding finances. A full-scale lead paint removal project for a large building in Fort Collins can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, we can provide a few different lead paint removal approaches to mitigate exposure depending on the state of decline of the paint in your Fort Collins home.