One of the most important environmental solutions services we offer in Fort Collins is water damage restoration and water damage repair. Because of the intense and immediate nature of a flooding problem, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further harm to a Fort Collins structure and its occupants. Large pools of standing water seep into surfaces quickly and weaken the physical integrity of a building by way of rotting beams, bowed walls, and sagging floors. While these structural issues are a huge problem for your Fort Collins home, there is another problem with water damage that can have big consequences for your health: mold. Cherry Inc. has over 27 years of experience helping repair water damage in Fort Collins, so you know you’ll be in good hands when you work with us. After an initial inspection of the extent of damage to your Fort Collins property, we will be able to decide if you need water damage restoration or water damage repair and begin work right away.

Water Damage Restoration for Your Fort Collins Home

Catching any threat of standing water damage in your Fort Collins home can save you from heavy-duty water damage repairs, and therefore save you a good deal of money. If our technicians determine that the issue is minor, we can fix the problem with water damage restoration. This essentially means your Fort Collins property is dried and cleaned without any major adjustments to the building, which is ideal because it minimizes cost and the amount of time you are displaced. Water damage restoration begins with your call for help, and our Fort Collins technicians work fast to get to start the drying out process. We extract the water with HEPA equipment, pumping it out and dehumidifying the area by drying with industrial grade fans and vacuums. Once the space appears dry, we make sure by using infrared technology to see if any spots not visible to the naked eye are still damp.

Repairing Water Damage to Your Fort Collins Home

Sometimes the area that has experienced water damage is beyond a simple restoration. Water damage repair entails additional steps after drying and dehumidification your Fort Collins. While this is the worst-case scenario, you can feel at ease that the water damage repair experts from Fort Collins’ Cherry Inc. are professionals and will work quickly and efficiently to get your property back to safe conditions. We follow a strict protocol for removal and disposal and also offer reconstruction services for our Fort Collins clients to replace whatever was taken out. We guarantee the water damage repairs we perform on your building will only be the highest quality, to try and help you forget about the flooded mess.

Don’t Wait; Call Us for Your Fort Collins Building Now!

Fort Collins home and business owners with a water damage problem, let Cherry Inc. take care of it! Call immediately to minimize damage, and our remediation technicians will work to restore or repair water damage of any scale to any Fort Collins building.