Decades ago it was commonplace for Golden construction firms to use asbestos, a heat-resistant mineral, for many parts of the structures they built. At the time it was considered a great, versatile building material but studies into the chemicals it contains and releases proved its consequences outweigh its benefits. Asbestos was banned for use in home building by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1989 because of the health hazards associated with it. This means that Golden homes built before 1989 most likely have a decent amount of asbestos in the structure and foundation. If your Golden home was built before 1989, our asbestos testing would reveal if the material is posing a hazard to you. If it’s discovered that there is a hazardous amount of asbestos in a building’s air, asbestos abatement or asbestos removal procedure must be performed in order for your Golden structure to be considered safe for occupancy. Do not hesitate to have asbestos testing done for your property today.

Places Asbestos Can Be in a Building in Golden

Some of the things that asbestos was used for in the past include:

  • Insulation
  • Pipes
  • Ceiling, roof, or floor tiles
  • Board siding
  • Window putty
  • Air ducts
  • Paint
  • Electrical outlets and fuse boxes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Dishwashers and clothing driers

Testing for Asbestos in Golden to Ensure Health

If you are a Golden resident with a house more than 30 years old, you may be worried because there is a large presence of asbestos. However, the solid, intact material itself doesn’t pose a risk to Golden residents; the health hazard stems from a large concentration of tiny dust particles that break off into the air when something encounters an asbestos-containing surface. A high level of asbestos fibers in the air can cause symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, or wet cough and lead to respiratory issues like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. The only way to tell if your home has a hazardous amount is with professional asbestos testing by Cherry Inc. Upon inspection, we will be able to figure out the extent of the problem and offer solutions such as asbestos abatement or asbestos removal.

Asbestos Abatement vs. Asbestos Removal in Golden

In the event that asbestos testing reveals a concerning level of asbestos in a Golden house or office space, there are a few degrees of remediation we offer clients based on the specifics of their situation. For low-level instances it is likely the surfaces of your Golden structure can be salvaged through the process of asbestos abatement, which is a profound, deep sanitization of the space. We begin asbestos abatements by quarantining the affected areas by sealing them off to make sure the contamination doesn’t get any further at your home or business in Golden. Our HEPA filtered equipment is then used to suck loose toxins from the air, and heavy-duty vacuums and industrial grade disinfectants are used on every surface until the place is good as new. Asbestos removal is suggested to Golden clients that had harmful levels show up during the initial asbestos test. The expert staff at Cherry Inc. removes any asbestos-containing surfaces that are too risky to try and restore and are better off just replacing. A supplemental service we offer to our asbestos removal clients is partnerships with many Golden contractors that can rebuild anything we demolish and take out. To find out which process would be a better fix for your asbestos problem, call Cherry Inc. today, and a technician can give you more information.