Like asbestos, another product contractors used to build Golden properties with but isn’t allowed to be used anymore is lead paint. Studies done in the 70s and 80s brought to light the detrimental effects that lead particles can have on humans if they become airborne and enter one’s respiratory system, so a ban on lead-based paint was enacted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Golden homes and businesses that were built in 1978 and prior probably have lead paint on some part of the structure and will likely require some action. To find out if your space is at risk, give Golden’s Cherry Inc. a call, and we can perform the necessary inspections.

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Golden Home

Not every Golden home with lead paint is automatically toxic, though. Many people only inquire about lead paint removal services once it starts to become a risk. The dangers of lead paint are not within the paint itself but in the chemicals that are released as the coat begins to degrade. When painted surfaces wear down and lead dust is dispersed into the air, people begin to inhale the small particles. If enough lead dust enters your respiratory system, it can lead to some very serious health issues associated with lead poisoning. Some signs of unsafe lead particle amounts in the body include headache, nausea, and fatigue and can lead to damage to the nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Lead is especially toxic to children and pregnant women in Golden. These risks are why lead paint removal is recommended for Golden properties with a high concentration of lead particles in the air.

Lead Paint Removal Options in Golden

Encapsulation – Our main approach to relieve a Golden property of a lead paint hazard is to cover it up simply. Cherry Inc.’s experts will paint over the lead-based coat with a strong sealant, essentially trapping in the dangerous particles. While a fast and viable treatment, it’s not very long lasting; encapsulate product also degrades after experiencing wear and tear and will render ineffective at the point, meaning you then need a full-on lead paint removal.

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Golden’s Cherry Inc.

Learning that the walls or ceiling of your Golden home are painted with a hazardous can be frightening to not only your health but also to your budget as well. The bill for a complete lead paint removal job in your Golden structure can run upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. There are a number of ways to remove lead paint and mitigate its exposure, and the inspection experts at Golden’s Cherry Inc. have insight into which technique will work best for each specific case, reliant on how deteriorated the paint is.