Many Golden residents and business owners will turn to the internet or a home improvement store for a DIY approach to mold remediation. However, mold is bacteria that can be very toxic to human health and mold removal is best left to knowledgeable professionals. The mold removal experts at Golden’s Cherry Inc. are skilled in everything mold-related and can ensure safety and precision in the entire mold removal process, from mold testing and mold inspection to formulating and carrying out a mold remediation plan that is best for the damages in your Golden home.

Mold-Related Health Risks

The effects of a mold invasion in Golden buildings are clear: those unwanted black, green or brown clusters appear on walls, floors, and ceilings, followed by an unwanted musty, rotten smell. Their particles enter our respiratory system, and if enough gets into your body, it could start to experience numerous negative effects that only compound with time. The longer you wait to remove mold or remediate a mold problem in Golden, it will worsen for your home and in turn your health. The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor if you have possible mold exposure and experience prolonged symptoms, and we at Cherry Inc. of Golden recommend letting us do a mold test and mold inspection of your property.

How We Rid Your Golden Property of Mold

Molding does not happen overnight, so by the time Golden homeowners spot the fungi stains on surfaces in a room; it’s likely already spread a considerable amount. Tackling mold removal or mold remediation as soon as it appears is extremely important. The initial step of the mold remediation process is Cherry Inc.’s Golden technicians conducting detailed mold testing to discover hidden mold and locate the source, and then performing mold inspection on samples to determine how serious the problem is, and which option is best for resolving it. If it can be cleaned and fixed, we will do a simple mold remediation job; if it’s not salvageable or worth trying to restore, we will suggest a complete mold removal. In a scenario where contaminated surfaces can be reestablished to normalcy by means of mold remediation, they will be firmly disinfected. For Golden property owners with severe mold problems, our technicians will do a mold removal and take out heavily damaged items like drywall, carpeting, baseboards, or more. We deal with everything from the deconstruction to rebuilding, so by the end, your Golden home will be back to its pre-mold condition or better.

Need Mold Testing and Mold Inspection in Golden?

Don’t wait! If you can see mold in your house or suspect its growing somewhere, reach out to us for help. The sooner Golden’s premier mold cleanup company Cherry Inc. is on the job, the better, as mold grows fast and is detrimental to your home and health. Let our experts tackle your Golden mold problem every step of the way, from mold testing and mold inspection to the remediation or removal of moldy surfaces.