Cherry Inc. takes safety very seriously!

We pride ourselves on our EMR rating.

Cherry Inc. project and safety managers plan and plan and keep planning throughout the entire project, from the start to the completion.

A safety plan is completed for every project before any mobilization of the site to assure everyone is safe to perform any and all tasks that will be encountered for the duration of all projects.

Upon arriving at the site, we complete an overall project briefing with specific personnel trained to assure the pre-safety planning was correctly identified.

Daily safety meetings are held before beginning each shift with all personnel on each project site. These pre-shift safety meetings are in an open discussion setting with all personnel being involved in each project.

The specified job tasks for each employee are discussed in detail and all safety hazards and/or concerns for each employee’s tasks, thus assuring a very safe environment for everyone.

These task hazards analysis can change very quickly on a project. Thus, Cherry Inc. also changes the safety process and/or needs as they change immediately. If a process of any project becomes too hazardous for anyone, Cherry Inc. will STOP, re-evaluate, and re-plan.

We will not allow anyone to be injured on any project.

Every project performed by Cherry Inc. will be in complete compliance with OSHA, EPA, state and local regulation.